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Scratch & Chip Resistant Crockery from USA

Why Corelle?

Made in the USA from a unique glass material called Vitrelle, Corelle dinnerware is renowned for being thin and lightweight, yet amazingly strong and durable. The unique 3 layered Vitrelle glass makes Corelle dinnerware as thin and translucent as fine china, yet dramatically stronger. Every piece of Corelle dinnerware is chip & break resistant, making it perfect for outdoor and indoor dining, proving beauty can be tough.

Corelle plates and bowls are the ideal choice for outdoor dining, whether it’s a Barbecue, a picnic or a dinner party. They stay in place on windy days, saving you from chasing paper plates or bowls around, yet they are much lighter and easier to handle then heavy stoneware and porcelain plates which can chip easily.

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