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Copper Collection - Pure Copper Guaranteed

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Copper Handi with Glass Lid
Regular price Rs.16,990.00 Rs.15,130.00 - Rs.18,430.00
    Copper Handi Condiments Set With Stand
    Regular price Rs.17,990.00 Rs.17,090.00 - Rs.19,400.00
      Copper Kettle - Copper Teapot
      Regular price Rs.13,870.00 Rs.12,490.00
        Moscow Mule Style Mug - Pure Copper Hand Crafted
        Regular price Rs.6,590.00 Rs.4,720.00 - Rs.5,690.00
          Mexican Style Pure Copper Glass (225 ml)
          Regular price Rs.4,390.00 Rs.3,990.00 - Rs.14,650.00
            Hammered Copper Jug
            Regular price Rs.20,360.00 Rs.16,490.00
              Premium Copper Glass/Tumbler - Capacity (450ml)
              Regular price Rs.4,130.00 Rs.3,490.00 - Rs.6,370.00

                Copper Crockery in Pakistan

                We all know that finding the original copper crockery in Pakistan is a daunting task due to many reasons. When it comes to pure copper, it means that copper cookware should be made of at least 90% pure copper material. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, we have many low-quality online stores where you will find crockery with copper coating instead of pure copper. Moreover, it's also quite challenging to distinguish between pure copper and copper coating because both look almost the same.

                To avoid all these hassles, you have to choose the right online shopping place for original copper crockery in Pakistan. Needs Store is the only trusted online marketplace for buying copper utensils in Pakistan. Remember, we also guarantee the authenticity of our copper cookware items. Now, let's have a brief look into some of our best-selling items in the copper collection.

                Copper Jug 

                You can check our exclusive collection of copper jug sets in Pakistan at a reasonable price range. We have the best hammered copper jugs that offer antimicrobial properties. Moreover, these jugs are also easy to clean and handle. We have the most affordable copper jug price in Pakistan without compromising quality.

                Brass Serving Spoon Set

                We have a premium quality brass serving spoon set in Pakistan at Needs Store to handle all the tableware needs. These unique brass serving spoons can be used to serve noodles or rice with many health benefits.

                Copper Mugs

                We have the best copper mugs in Pakistan under a reasonable price range. The interior and exterior of these copper mugs are purely made with 100% copper without any finish or polish. If you are a health-conscious person and want to choose healthy living, our copper mugs will serve your purpose the best.

                Copper Glasses

                Are you desperately looking for pure handmade copper glass in Pakistan? If yes, then you have now reached the best online shopping store. We have an exclusive collection of copper glasses in Pakistan in a reasonable price range. Remember, these copper glasses are made with 100% pure copper material without any polish or copper coating.

                Copper Pans

                Copper pans have become quite popular in Pakistan compared to stainless steel pans. There are a lot of benefits associated with copper pans, such as health benefits, easy and quick cleaning, less cooking time, and much more. We have the best collection of copper pans available at Needs Store. Remember, we also offer the lowest copper pan price in Pakistan with various varieties.

                Copper Karrhai

                Copper karahai is one of the most demanded copper crockery items in Pakistan. It's a purely handmade item made with 100% pure copper material. You can scroll through our entire copper collection to find the best copper crockery items as per your needs.

                Copper Trays

                Copper trays can be used for multiple purposes besides serving. These handmade copper trays will add charm to the home decor. You can also use these copper trays as decor trays in your home. We have a massive collection of unique copper trays in Pakistan available online.

                Copper Planters

                Needs Store offer a vast collection of copper planters in Pakistan. These copper planters offer an antique finish to add ambiance to your home. You can use these indoor copper planters anywhere in your home to create a peaceful and healthy living space.

                Copper Serving Platters

                Our extensive collection of copper serving dishes and platters is quite famous in Pakistan. We are one of the few online stores to offer exclusive copper crockery in Pakistan. You can check our unique copper handi sets that are made with 100% pure copper. Moreover, we also offer the most reasonable copper handi price in Pakistan with free shipping.

                Copper Thali Set

                Copper Thali is one of the most unique and rarest copper items in Pakistan. Needs Store is the only store in Pakistan to sell Indian copper thali in Pakistan. If you are a restaurant owner or want this copper thali for your home, order it right away at Needs Store.

                Benefits of Using Copper Utensils

                These are the following noteworthy benefits of using copper utensils.

                Excellent heat conductivity

                It's a proven fact that copper conducts more heat than stainless steel and iron-made utensils. The remarkable heat conductivity properties of copper utensils will improve the cooking time. Moreover, copper cookware items will also let you cook your favorite food with less energy.

                Anti-Bacterial Properties

                Copper cookware is naturally loaded with anti-bacterial properties that make the survival of bacteria and germs impossible. Remember, copper is only toxic for these micro-organisms, and it poses no threat to humans. For healthy living, you must add copper cookware to your kitchen.

                Good for Digestive Health

                If you have been dealing with digestive health problems for over a long time, then you must try our exclusive copper crockery in Pakistan. Copper cookware can do miracles for your digestive health as it helps to reduce stomach acidity and improve digestion.


                Copper gives a distinctive look to any cookware that other sets do not have. Due to the uniqueness of copper cookware, you can hang the copper utensils in the open racks of your kitchen.

                Why Needs Store for Copper Cookware in Pakistan?

                Needs Store offer a premium collection of copper crockery in Pakistan. If you are looking for the best copper dinner sets in Pakistan, you can check our complete copper collection. As far as the pricing is concerned, we have the best prices of copper cookware items in Pakistan.

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