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Copper Tableware

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Copper Handi with Engraved Lid
Regular price Rs.21,920.00 Rs.20,990.00
    Sparrow Chatni Platter
    Regular price Rs.15,300.00 Rs.13,760.00
      Hammered Copper Rectangular Tray with Handles
      Regular price Rs.12,880.00 Rs.10,490.00 - Rs.14,990.00
        Brass Chatni Holder
        Regular price Rs.15,300.00 Rs.13,760.00
          Boat-Style Hammered Copper Serving Platter
          Regular price Rs.9,490.00 Rs.8,550.00 - Rs.10,410.00

            Handmade Copper Platters | Copper Crockery in Pakistan

            Are you searching for any trusted online store for copper tableware in Pakistan? Needs Store provides a premium collection of copper crockery in Pakistan under a reasonable price range. We all know that copper crockery offers countless health benefits, due to this reason; many people are now switching to copper utensils. We have the exclusive range of pure copper utensils in Pakistan online with a lot of variety.

            Remember, we are the only online Store in Pakistan to provide you with 100% pure copper-made crockery. It's pretty challenging to differentiate between the copper coating and pure copper. At Needs Store, you will find the pure copper crockery in Pakistan with a money back guarantee in case of any quality concerns.

            Copper Jugs

            It’s healthy to use copper jugs instead of plastic water bottles in the home. Remember, by using copper jugs; you will be less likely to get exposed to bacteria and other harmful contaminants present in water. The copper ions will instantly kill any bacteria or microorganisms in the water. However, if you are searching for a pure copper jug in Pakistan, Needs Store will be the best online platform for you. Our copper jug price in Pakistan is the lowest among other online stores.

            Copper Breakfast Set

            In countries like Pakistan, it's tough to find copper dinner sets because the marketplace is already crowded with other types of crockery. Need Store also offer copper dishes in Pakistan at a reasonable price range. You can scroll through our copper collection to find the best copper breakfast set in Pakistan or any other crockery items as per your needs.

            Copper Serving Platters

            Needs Store is already famous for its unique copper serving platters in Pakistan. You can use these copper serving platters for multiple purposes, such as serving food or even home decor. We are offering the best prices of copper crockery in Pakistan online with free shipping. Remember, these copper serving platters are easy to clean due to their smooth and premium quality finishing.

            Copper Handi

            Copper handi is one of the best-selling copper crockery items at Needs Store. If you want to buy the best copper handi in Pakistan, order it from the needs store and forget everything else. Moreover, we have the lowest copper handi price in Pakistan without compromising quality. We have unique copper handi designs that can also be used for home decor.

            Copper Teapot

            Do you want to make tea in a different way? The hammered Copper Teapot in Pakistan is another addition to our exclusive copper tableware collection. You can order this teapot from our online Store with free shipping.

            Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.S)

            Is copper safe for health?

            Yes, copper is not only safe but beneficial for health. The bacteria and other microorganisms cannot survive on copper; that's why it gives extra protection from bacterial infections.

            Where can I order the best copper crockery in Pakistan?

            If you want to shop copper crockery online, Needs Store is a well-known online store for this purpose. You will get free shipping on orders above RS.1900.

            What is the estimated delivery time?

            The estimated delivery time is around 3-4 days. However, you may experience a slight delay in delivery due to the unavailability of the stock.

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